Importance Of Having a Business Website in 2021

The Importance of Having a Business Website in 2021

“If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business.”

Bill Gates, Microsoft

Have you ever pondered about the importance of having a business website? Are you one among the millions of aspire-to-be entrepreneurs sitting at home slacking away time and building castles of dreams? Oh, we know you. Read on. Or are you a seasoned player of this ever so dynamic business world mooting upon whether you should take up your trade online? Ah! Hello. We know you too. We understand. And we know that you are chalking up rational plans and ideating like crazy building pitches to squeeze capital out of those investors. You are working hard, obviously.

But, where is your business? We are stuck here at home and we can’t see it. And we are guessing your investors can’t too. But, of course, we know it’s there, unlike those tall nosed hot-shot venture capitalists. It’s there in your head. It’s also there in your storehouse or office maybe. But how will you show it to your loving investor? And how will you show it to your even more loving client?! They are sitting at home, dear tycoon. And since you can’t get into their houses, get into their phones. And laptops. Build a website! Tell them, “Look, I am changing the world. Flock hither.”

The importance of having a business website is most urgent in this post 2020 pandemic world. The more virtual your presence, the better your visibility and hence, revenue. You must be thinking, “No thanks. I can do good business with calls and emails. Why should I have a website?”

We have researched. Four solid reasons with proof down here.


Sophia from San Francisco is broke. She is a security guard who loves shoplifting. So one day, Sophia decides to sell the items she had stolen. She knows a bit of photography and using these skills she does manage to sell all of them on Ebay. Sophia begins to like her work. So now, instead of stealing, she buys vintage items real cheap from thrift stores and sells them on her website. The name of her website is Nasty Gal. They generated 100 million dollars in sales. Sophia is none other than Sophia Amoruso. Find her in ‘Forbes 30 under 30’.

Our point – Imagine Sophia never made a website. Or sold on eBay. Where would she be now? Still pinching things, maybe. Her website helped her advertise her goods well and churn out profits year on year. She found people who were willing to pay for something that would be perceived as useless by most. Why? Because her website was visible to a few people who loved her niche. She had reach. That is the importance of having a website.

Think of a trader in India who sells pashmina shawls. He takes his business online and builds a website. His company in India is not doing well because his shawls are too costly for a country with a significant portion of its population below the poverty line. Meanwhile, he gets to know that people in Britain are paying hefty prices for low grade pashmina wool shawls. So he gets hold of an e-commerce executive and asks him to optimize the site using SEO tools so that his fare lists higher on search engines in Britain. And bam! The price of his company stocks triples in two months.

All credits to clever website optimization.

First impression

“The technology you use impresses no one. The experience you create with it is everything.”

Sean Gerety

Let’s assume you sell plants. And you are switching between tabs on your phone. Whatsapp. Gmail. Calls. You are sending them a few good pictures you took of your product. You then call customers after lunch and market it using all kinds of convincing tactics you can think of at that moment, with a full stomach and a drowsy disposition. In the end, the customer haggles, and bargains and this push and pull ends with him just disconnecting the call. He feels irritated. You too? Not fair.

What if you pick up a website maintenance and design service or hire a website designer and build a gorgeous web display page of your products. You can think of all the benefits the product entails one by one as you keep developing the page with time – and add them. You can fix a reasonable price and mention why your product is priced thus without having to go through the strain of repeating it every time you deal with a customer. Your sleek and elaborate page will make a visitor feel happy. Remember that latest Apple ad? Been through their website? We have. Bet our money, take away their website marketing, and they are a losing side. Sales will plummet.

It’s about how you make them feel, dear reader. A website makes this task seamless and easy. Do you now understand the importance of having a business website?


Why do we use robots? Because we want to perform 10 tasks instead of 5 in the stipulated time. Consider a website as your own robot assistant – an ace online business manager. Automated emails for addressing grievances. AI chatbots 24/7 to help the surfer.

If your website was a man, he would be talking like this. “Oh, so you want striped denim, look here they are. I am sorry you can’t find yellow scarves, but have a look at these orange ones – they are cheap too. It’s okay if this gown doesn’t fit you right – return it back, we will give back your money; is there anything else I can do for you, sir/madam?” No wonder you end up browsing clothes on Myntra for hours, even when you do not plan on buying. That’s because these pages are optimized rigorously to suit customer needs. That’s a common attribute of every e-commerce giant in the world. They are hospitable and customer friendly to an infinite degree. Infinite since they are not prone to exhaustion like humans. Which makes us think, websites are better than waiters and hotel staff, no?

And if you are without a website, you have to do all of this by yourself. Or put up an ad to hire a guy who will do this job. But, hey. Where does human efficiency stand when compared with machines?


A study suggests that customers attach greater trust to a brand with a website than one with just a few social media handles. Let’s take an example.

Baby succulents are in high demand now. Even though gardeners all over India are well aware of the fact that India’s tropical climate is not amiable to such plants, the rage over these tiny green cacti hardly dies down. An experienced plant lover in some corner of India is getting swayed too. He scrolls around Instagram and Pinterest, marveling over them. Finally, he decides that he will buy some. He remembers seeing shops and dealers on Instagram. Their plants indeed seemed great. But on second thought, he decides to check out some plant merchants with websites. He ends up on Trustbasket. He visits Allthatgrows. He contemplates. The website merchants have a comprehensive planting and care guide, good return policies, and reviews from verified customers. Their plants are lab certified too. So he zeroes down on Trustbasket and buys from there. One can clearly figure out the importance of having a website.

Our point – Social media merchants stand nowhere in the playing field when we take credibility into account. A website will always garner greater trust. Think about it. Given a choice to buy shoes online, which merchant would you choose? A random I love shoes merchant page on insta or a Bata’s website page?

Did the message get across?

Summing it up, a website gives you hands that can reach as far as Antarctica, ears that can hear hundreds of queries and complaints in a second and a mouth that only spells sweet answers. In addition, you get membership in the customer trust club for free and also will reek profits like Warren Buffet. We hope that by this time, you are typing down, “How to build an e-commerce website from scratch?” in another tab on google. If you are a hard nut and none of our reasoning made harmony with you, then we accept that too. Its a free world. Opinions are meant to differ. But please look at what is happening now. A roaring pandemic fails to recede. Gone are the days when a website was one of the ways to carry on business. That was in the near past. Right now, the importance of having a website lies in the fact that it is the only way to carry on business.

3 Simple Steps for a Professional Looking Business Website

Related Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What is the role of a business website?

Any domain of commerce requires you to market your brand and products in the most efficient and cost effective way. The importance of having a website in business rests solely on the fact that it makes networking, advertising and client management easier with very little investment as compared to other methods of engagement.

How to make a website?

That’s super easy. Think of a domain name relevant to your business. Register it. Find an internet service provider to host your website. Design and customize away.

Can I make a website for free?

Yes! Many websites like Google offers free web design services and courses. Your website will function under Google’s domain. You could do all the learning by taking up courses and workshops for free from a plethora of sites and Youtube channels other than Google and become real savvy at this. Who knows you might even like it so much that you start taking money for it. It’s very lucrative.

How effective is a website for small businesses?

Nascent businesses face unique challenges – capital deficit, low credibility, small working group or inexperience. A website can help in each of these fields. You can look more delectable to funders, build a good client rapport, hire good interns by putting up ads and do much more.

What is the best website for a small business?

The importance of having a website is even more in case of small businesses. Go for the easy-on-the-pocket ones. Wix. Gator. GoDaddy. WordPress. Their processes and tools for website maintenance are user friendly and can be understood by a layman. In case you want to make it more personalized, look for paid website designer services online.

How do I make my website popular?

Hire a digital marketer. Or if you have the time and interest to do it yourself, high five! Google, Coursera, Udemy, Gryffindor Academy, and many other sites offer you certified Digital Marketing courses.

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